Nick Dima999/999

BLEND is a minimal generative artwork drawn in a 8px by 8px canvas.
Three pixel square layers of different sizes are drawn on top of each other and blended to create a variety of compositions that range from colourful to monochromatic, from symmetric to unexpected or from pixelated matrices to more blocky shapes.

The token implements 4 random features:
- the color palette, there are 20 of them, each composed of 4 colors
- the colors subset, a range of 2 to 4 colors picked from the palette
- blend mode, one of multiply, overlay, hard light, soft light or color burn
- the order in which the three layers (small, medium, large) are drawn on top of each other

Controls (in live view):
- Press the [s] key on the keyboard to save a PNG file of the token. You'll be asked at which resolution you would like to save file in case you want something bigger then the original 8px by 8px canvas.

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