"Figment" is my first artistic generative AI project, these are noise hallucinations of a neural network!

The first tokens will be airdropped to the original minters of ACCUMULATOR (one each), the rest will be a dutch auction starting from 5 to 1 tez, in 30 minutes intervals (5,4,3,2,1)

The auction will start on Saturday (March 19) at 9:00 UTC

The sequential model for this nn is composed of 3 dense layers, and has been trained for up to 74 epochs with 11 different datasets:

Layer 1 [Dense, 50, tanh] 2550 (input)
Layer 2 [Dense, 50, tanh] 2550 (hidden)
Layer 3 [Dense, 3, tanh] 153 (output)

To create the neural network and train the model I used TensorflowJS and it renders on a single canvas.

It can be a bit slow to render...the output is 240x240, so the model has to run for each one of the 57600 pixels.

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