Sketchbook Splash


A splash of color on some scribbled shapes.

There are several keybindings to modify the image:
'1' - Toggles watercolors
'2' - Toggles overlaying constrast shapes
'3' - Toggles sketch outlines
'4' - Toggles shape/splatter clipping (will fill the entire canvas with watercolor!)
'B' - Cycles borders; black, white, all colors in the palette being used, and no border

Play around to find something you like, and then press 'S' to download a copy of your image.
You can also modify the URL parameters at the end of the URL to change the size of the image, such as &x=2560&y=1440. Keep in mind that this will result in a slightly different image, but colors/shapes/general layout will remain the same. The default size is 2048x2048.

@teaboswell, 2022
License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
For third party license information, please see bundle.js.LICENSE.txt

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